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No Ishmaels Please

I want to say a word about faith. Contemporary dealings in my own life have ambitious home just how easy it is to loose sight of what we say we believe.

The Most Love and Self-image

The Greek idiom had three words for "Love" First there was "eros," from which we get "erotic..

What If? -- Musings on the Tsunami

Thumbing all the way through Isaiah a short time ago I was startled to find this: after a passage (in Isaiah 19) in which the prophet describes horrors that caused the hearts of the Egyptians to "melt in them," he predicts that "the ancestors will turn to the Lord, and he will answer back to their pleas and heal them." The next lines express how three bitter enemies-Egypt, Assyria, and Israel-will "worship together" and how all three will be converted into "a blessing on the earth.

What about the 4400?

Murders are so go to regularly in our land that a free murder seldom grabs citizen concentration if not the performer or the victim is previously a celebrity. Even a bend in half murder is not citizen news.

What Jesus Expects of You and Me

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start even if you know what your talents are. Jesus has a touch to say about what we can do and what he expects us to do.

Why More Priests Need To Train As Armed forces (And Why We Dont See Many Boxers In Church)

"Therefore I do not run like a man consecutively aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I in my opinion will not be ineligible for the prize.

About The Spiritual World of Madonna

Pop songster Madonna came this week to Tel Aviv to take part in a conference of Kabbala studies. According to press releases, she is going to stay in Israel until Sunday night and will have on the last day of her visit, the opening to visit the graves of Jewish Tzaddikim (righteous holy people) near Safed, a small town in northern Israel.

Popping the Expand of Belief

I'm exceedingly excited. I just got a larger soapbox, and I hunted to call the rest of you to get up here on it with me.

Here's Help for the "I Can't Say 'No' Blues"

I hear it all the time. Cries from Christian women who want desperately to serve the Lord, but who feel overwhelmed.

Your Mission Field At Work

One point many Christian Operational Moms who have been interviewed have made is that they are a shining light in their work place. Whether or not you can speak openly about your faith at work, your co-workers are watching.

Meaning and Marketing - The Will

You are now classified one of the top theological schools in the world and you are session in Dr. John Hobbs' Class on Theology with first year Freshman students.

Harry Potter To Christians: Its Not Good To Hear Voices

That is the admired and, thank God (if you'll pardon the use of the G name) the politically accurate atmosphere among most Christians today. You will bring to mind that in the back book of the Potter series, The Chamber Of Secrets, Harry Potter alone heard the voice of the basilisk.

We Must Be Ready. But How?

Revelation 19:7 states, "Let us celebrate and give honor unto him: for the nuptials of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready."Our salvation is not accomplished by no matter which we can do, or be.

The Christmas Victory

As the Chritmas flavor approaches, I figured it's a good time to agree to the subsequent article:THE CHRISTMAS VICTORYA consistent and doable analysis of Is.7:14 in the light of background and language.

Finding God in the Clouds

It was a cool Eminent night all through the Summer already my For children year in high school. I was just being paid off work on what seemed to be the worst day of my life.

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Religion and state in America Onward Christian soldiers  The Economist

IF ALL THE people involved were civilians, there would be nothing especially controversial about a popular website, PLUS, which invites American Christians to ...

Abortion debate: Religious groups' views are more diverse than you might think  CNN

It's easy to imagine America's intense abortion debate dividing the country into two camps: conservative Christians who want to curtail abortion rights and ...

China’s Orwellian War on Religion  The New York Times

Let's be blunt: China is accumulating a record of Orwellian savagery toward religious people. At times under Communist Party rule, repression of faith has eased ...

How The Fight For Religious Freedom Has Fallen Victim To The Culture Wars  NPR

The promotion of religious freedom in America, a cause that not long ago had near unanimous support on Capitol Hill, has fallen victim to the culture wars.

Trump Is Not a Defender of Religious Liberty but a Threat to It  New York Magazine

As Steven Waldman explains in “Sacred Liberty,” a history of religious freedom in the U.S., Trump's attacks on Islam and demands for conservative Christian ...

An Excerpt From ‘When Islam is Not a Religion: Inside America’s Fight for Religious Freedom’

When I first launched, which covers a wide range of issues pertinent to gender and the lived experience of Islam, “dehijabization” was a hot ...

Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston  The New Yorker

The church I grew up in was so big we called it the Repentagon. It was not a single structure but a thirty-four-million-dollar campus, built in the nineteen-eighties ...

Americans are enabling China's war on religion | Commentary | Dallas News  Dallas News

China has renewed its war on religion. The Communist regime views religion with disdain and considers Islam a particular threat. It views the...

Employment and religion Don’t talk (too much) about religion at work  The Economist

BY HER own lights, Sarah Kuteh was evidently convinced that she was doing the right thing. But some of the patients who were interviewed by this devoutly ...

Army denies soldier's request to grow beard in observance of Flying Spaghetti Monster religion

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why are U.S. *service* members not allowed to grow beards? It is questions such as these, which tug at mankind's ...

REFLECTING ON RELIGION: Living in a post-Christian age  Palestine Herald Press

The Apostle Paul's speech before the council in Athens is one of the most complete recorded sermon's we have from the early church leader.

How work became the millennial religion of choice  Fast Company

More young people are defining themselves by what they do–and who they work for.

Pete Buttigieg shouldn’t lead the religious left. There shouldn’t even be a religious left.  Washington Post

The last thing Christians on the left should want is for their faith to be identified with any particular candidate or political movement.

Foreign Policy and the Establishment of Religion  LobeLog

by Paul R. Pillar. The opening line of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bans any law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free ...

The US is less religious now. Are we richer for it?  Fast Company

By most measures, Americans are still religious. As of 2014, the vast majority–about 89%–still believe in God, though only 63% can say that with “absolute ...

Trends and realities in religion-news these days: Candid words from Emma Green of The Atlantic  GetReligion

I have just returned to East Tennessee from a short, but fascinating, trip to New York City to take part in a conference called “What's Next for Religious Freedom,” ...

The Sexual Revolutionaries Got Sexual Satisfaction All Wrong  National Review

Religious couples are more likely to remain monogamous and satisfied with their sex lives than are the non-religious.

FAA investigating religious discrimination complaints after airports exclude Chick-fil-a  Fox News

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating two airports -- San Antonio International and Buffalo Niagara International -- facing religious ...

Indonesia's Election Exposes Growing Religious Divide  Council on Foreign Relations

The election results show a hardening of voting patterns along religious, ethnic, and geographic lines, a troubling development for a multiracial and religiously ...

Where Does Religion Come From? One Researcher Points To  NPR

If you've taken part in a religious *service*, have you ever stopped to think about how it all came to be? How did people become believers? Where did the rituals ...

Beyond belief An encouraging history of religion in America  The Economist

Sacred Liberty: America's Long, Bloody and Ongoing Struggle for Religious Freedom. By Steven Waldman. HarperOne; 405 pages; $28.99. A BENIGN ...

US judge orders man who assaulted Sikh shopkeeper to learn about religion  Deutsche Welle

An Oregon man who assaulted a Sikh shopkeeper must attend a Sikh parade and learn about their religion and culture. "Bigotry is the result of ignorance," the ...

Trump Continues Drive to Protect Religious-Based Discrimination  New York Magazine

Trump administration is revoking health care protections for transgendered people and mulling a repeal of adoption rights for same-sex couples, continuing its ...

'It should be a secular process': The implications of religion in Parliament  Newshub

The prospect of a Christian party in Parliament has sparked debate with some arguing decisions should be evidence-based while others welcome traditional ...

Getting in on — and tossed out of — the Satanist Temple joke  Religion News Service

(RNS) — Jex Blackmore is a Satanist, as she plainly admits to the camera in Director Penny Lane's documentary “Hail Satan?,” a portrait of the 30-something ...

Historically Speaking: Religious Intolerance | Columns  Marshall News Messenger

With the shooting of Muslims at prayer in New Zealand and reports of violence towards Christians in foreign lands, there has been a great deal of talk lately ...

Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide  RealClearPolitics

Of the many causes of political polarization in the United States, the conflict between religion and secularism is the oldest and deepest. Easing this conflict ...

Gen Z Is the Least Religious Generation. Here's Why That Could Be a Good Thing.  Pacific Standard

The trend toward non-religiousness in this generation is probably here to stay. The upsides include increasing levels of tolerance.

Freedom of Religion Doesn't Cut It  Foreign Policy

On Jan. 6, 1941, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ended his State of the Union speech by outlining a future based on “four essential human freedoms.

Religion in Quebec: The bigger picture  Montreal Gazette

Part One of a Gazette timeline: As debate over Bill 21 rages, Andy Riga takes a step back in time to track the evolution of religious faiths — and controversies ...

What the Religious Right Gets Right: They Have Legitimate Concerns, Even If Claims of Persecution Are Exaggerated | Opinion  Newsweek

In Sacred Liberty, I offer loads of examples for how the modern claims of persecution by religious conservatives are exaggerated—and how Donald Trump has ...

Religion digest  Hot Springs Sentinel

Center for. Spiritual Oneness. The Center for Spiritual Oneness, 300 Oaklawn, corner of Third Street, will hear the Rev. Rob Robinson speak on "Some Things ...

Terror attacks and the confusing role of religion  The Straits Times

There have been too many acts of terrorism in the name of religion since the late 1990s, when then United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright released ...

There is more than one religious view on abortion - here's what Jewish texts say  Religion News Service

Alabama's governor signed a bill recently that criminalizes nearly all abortions, threatening providers with a felony conviction and up to 99 years in prison.

Let’s Not Forget the Establishment Clause  The New York Times

It's past time to consider the impact of religion's grip on public policy and the Supreme Court.

Religious people internalize stereotypes about moral superiority and are more responsive to identity threats  PsyPost

Research indicates there is "extreme moral prejudice" against nonreligious people around the world, which appears to be rooted in intuitions about ...

What role did religious faith play in the 2019 federal election?  ABC News

The 2019 election showed that policies that appeal to affluent, irreligious, university-educated activists in the inner cities do not resonate with voters across the ...

Amazon mistakenly told some sellers that it's now blocking ads with 'religious content'  CNBC

Amazon employees have been mistakenly taking down ads with religious *content*, causing some small sellers to take a direct hit on their sales. Multiple sellers ...

Religion in New Malaysia must be a unifying force  Malaysiakini

MP SPEAKS | I fully support the proposal by Deputy Housing Minister Senator Raja Kamarul Bahrin for a new legislation to curb hate speech on social media, ...

Respectfully debating different views of religion and beliefs is possible — here's how  ABC News

Few topics cause as much drama as discussions over religion. But it should be possible to talk to one another, and even question someone's beliefs, without ...

American University Cairo religion professor loses post in academic freedom fight  Religion News Service

CAIRO (RNS)— A Saudi billionaire whose father endowed a chair in comparative religion at the American University in Cairo has pressured the school to take ...

Religion played out in the poll  The Australian

Of the issues that came to the fore in the election, the one that has caused the most discomfort among politicians and confusion among media commentators is ...

Are yoga and mindfulness in schools religious?  The Conversation - US

Yoga and mindfulness are becoming more prevalent in America's public schools. But are they subtly promoting religion? A scholar who has served as an expert ...

Religion in Quebec: The tumultuous years  Montreal Gazette

Thirteen years later, the "reasonable accommodation" debate about religion's place in Quebec society rages on.

Infecting People Isn’t a Religious Right  The New York Times

The measles outbreak makes it vital for New York lawmakers to end religious exemptions for vaccinations.

Brux column: The economics of religion and politics  River Falls Journal

This opinion column will address the economics of current policy issues. Writer Dr. Jackie Brux is an emeritus professor of economics and founder/director of the ...

James Madison Understood Religious Freedom Better than Jefferson Did  National Review

The musical Hamilton captures a common perception about the relative importance, and sexiness, of Thomas Jefferson compared with James Madison.

UN experts ‘concerned,’ want answers about Quebec religious symbols bill  Global News

In a letter addressed to the Canadian government, three UN special rapporteurs outline their concerns about the proposed legislation.

Wilton Gregory installed as new Catholic archbishop of Washington  Religion News Service

WASHINGTON (RNS) — The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington installed Wilton Gregory as its archbishop on Tuesday (May 21), ushering in a new ...

Pete Buttigieg, please don’t equate religion with morality  The Washington Post

People bring their morality to their religious texts; they don't get their morality from them.

Gay conservative: Equality Act would crush religious freedom. Trump is right to oppose it.  USA TODAY

The Equality Act's blatant disregard for the basic right to religious freedom is appalling. A 'fairness for all' compromise is the best way forward.

Christian leaders say religious freedom was among issues that influenced voters  The Age

Christian leaders believe religious freedom was among "sleeper" issues that influenced votes for the Coalition in marginal seats across the country.

How ‘Fleabag’ Sold Thousands of Jumpsuits and Made Religion Sexy  The New York Times

LONDON — In the first episode of season two of “Fleabag,” which debuts on Amazon Prime in the United States on May 17, the heroine, played by Phoebe ...

India Proposes Controversial Bill Making Religion A Criteria for Refugee Citizenship  NPR

India wants to grant citizenship to refugees from nearby countries — unless they're Muslim. Critics say making religion a criteria for citizenship violates India's ...

Religious Freedom Report Details Egregious Violations Of Human Rights  NPR

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has released its annual report in the aftermath of attacks on mosques in New Zealand, churches in Sri ...

We Are Taking Religious Freedom Too Far  The New York Times

We have a right to practice our beliefs, but we don't have the right to discriminate against others, or endanger their lives.

New law requires professors in Washington to accommodate religious holidays  Religion News Service

SPOKANE, Wash. (RNS) — A new state law makes it easier for college students to take time off for religious holidays. Gov. Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5166 ...

Texas Senate passes religious liberty bill that LGBTQ advocates fear licenses discrimination  The Texas Tribune

The measure moved quickly through the Senate after the LGBTQ Caucus killed a near-identical proposal on a procedural motion last week in the Texas House.

Religious Freedom Is America’s Greatest Export—and It’s Under Attack  Newsweek

Few things would better safeguard religious freedom than if American evangelicals regained their leadership position on religious freedom.

The Satanic Temple gets religion  PRI

From trolling the religious right to being recognized by the IRS as a real religion, the Satanic Temple is on the rise. And with growth comes a new challenge.

Health and Human Services and the Religious-Liberty War  The Atlantic

Trump's Department of Health and Human Services is pitting religious freedom against abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Religious 'Hostility': Judicial Nominee Bogren Grilled for Comparing Bible-Based Beliefs to KKK  CBN News

Judicial nominee Michael Bogren is under fire for defending the city of East Lansing, Michigan for its decision to ban a Catholic family-owned farm from selling ...

Texas House passes religious liberty bill amid LGBTQ Caucus' objections  The Texas Tribune

What started as a sweeping religious refusals bill has been significantly watered down as it moves through the Texas Legislature. But LGBTQ advocates still ...

European elections: sex and religion dominate campaigning in Poland  The Guardian

Campaigning in Poland for the European elections has descended into a war of words over religion, sex and morality after a documentary on clerical abuse ...

With measles cases still rising, what religion has to say about vaccination

Each update in the nationwide surge of measles cases takes Dr. Paul Offit back to the battlefield that was Children's Hospital of Philadelphia during a regional ...

'The Bachelorette': Hannah B. Addresses Virginity, Sexuality, and Religion This Season  The Cheat Sheet

Already, Hannah Brown is proving a bunch of people wrong. Many Bachelor fans thought she'd fumble her way through her first night (she held it together pretty ...

Entrepreneur markets interfaith meats to combat surge in religious hate crimes  Religion News Service

NEW YORK (RNS) — After the latest wave of attacks at places of worship, from Poway, to Sri Lanka, to New Zealand and Pittsburgh, Mohammad Modarres felt ...

Religion - News - - Middletown, NY  Times Herald-Record

Send religious events and ongoing listings at least two weeks before the event date, to: Amy Berkowitz, Times Herald-Record, P.O. Box 2046, Middletown 10940 ...

Evolutionist Seethes as Duke Professor Analyzes Secular “Religion”  Discovery Institute

At Why Evolution Is True, biologist Jerry Coyne has a post about a Quillette article on whether secular humanism is a religion. John Staddon, an emeritus ...

Taylor graduates find unity in their division through controversial Pence speech  Religion News Service

UPLAND, Ind. (RNS) — When Vice President Mike Pence took his place on stage at Taylor University's commencement ceremony over the weekend, standing ...

Quebec ban on religious symbols would fall heavily on hijab-wearing teachers  The Washington Post

MONTREAL — For Nadia Naqvi, the choice is clear. As a schoolteacher in Quebec, she would be subject to a proposed ban on public employees wearing ...

A Liberal Law Professor Explains Why the Equality Act Would ‘Crush’ Religious Dissenters  National Review

Douglas Laycock, a law professor at the University of Virginia, has been a longtime supporter of same-sex marriage. What's made him unusual is that in recent ...

Traditional religious women are the happiest wives: study  Lifesite

Not surprisingly, 'The Ties that Bind' showed 'highly religious couples' have better relationships than those with less faith.

How I lost my social media religion (and you can lose yours too)  The Age

Recently, I went to the outback for several days. (Well, to a motel very close to the outback.) While I was away, I barely looked at social media. I didn't read posts ...

We can protect LGBTQ people and religious freedom. Pete Buttigieg and Utah show the way.  USA TODAY

Advancing civil rights has always required a broad consensus, and that's no different for LGBTQ people. We need church leaders to be part of our fight.

Montreal archbishop, religious leaders oppose Quebec's secularism bill  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

The archbishop of Montreal worries that Quebec's secularism legislation will affect religious liberties in this Canadian province.

Religious Men Can Be Devoted Dads, Too  The New York Times

“Blue” marriages are better — or at least that is the conventional wisdom. Couples who live according to egalitarian values, sharing domestic responsibilities like ...

What Are Lady Gaga's Religious Beliefs?  The Cheat Sheet

While we know a lot about Lady Gaga's professional and personal life, not everyone knows about her personal religious beliefs.

Is This the Religious Left's Kairos Moment?  Religion & Politics

Ancient Greek had two words for time: kairos, meaning an opportune time, and chronos, meaning chronological or a set amount of time. Christian theology ...

UN legal experts express concern over Quebec's religious symbols bill  CTV News

Three experts appointed by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations have expressed their “concern” over Quebec's religious symbols bill.

Report: Religious Couples Have Happier Marriages  Washington Free Beacon

Both religion and egalitarianism have something to offer those seeking a happy marriage in a world of shifting mores, a new report shows.

Amazon re-training employees after mistakenly blocking religious ads  Fox News

Amazon is retraining its staff after incorrectly blocking several Christian sellers from advertising online for crosses, Bibles, and religious symbols and statements.

When The Trump Administration Enacts New Health Care Religious Freedom Rule, Weiser Will Sue To Stop it  Colorado Public Radio

Colorado will again sue the Trump administration, this time to challenge an impending rule that aims to protect health care workers who object to performing ...

Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'  BBC News

The persecution of Christians in parts of the world is at near "genocide" levels, according to a report ordered by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The review, led ...

Young, Welsh and religious: A Muslim, Christian and Jew describe what it's like growing up in Wales  Wales Online

Some of the 250000 young people in Wales who are religious have shared their stories.

The Trump Administration Just Said Religious Doctors Can Refuse Medical Treatment for Patients  Mother Jones

Health care providers can refuse to provide medical care, including contraception, abortion, and procedures for transgender patients, that violates their religious ...

Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans are less religious than straight adults by traditional measures  Pew Research Center

Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans are by some measures less religious than heterosexual or straight adults, according to a new analysis of data from Pew ...

European countries that have mandatory 'church taxes' are about as religious as their neighbors  Pew Research Center

In general, Western European countries that have a mandatory church tax aren't any less religious than those that don't have such a tax.

Game of Thrones' finale made Bran a chosen one while pretending religion had nothing to do with it.  Slate

Bran is a chosen one, but Tyrion tries to sell him in more secular terms.

A human history of faith and religion  The Express Tribune

The Express Tribune speaks exclusively to religious studies scholar Reza Aslan about the epic story of faith.

What we misunderstand about religion's role in the abortion debate  Deseret News

Religion is not the only factor that drives Americans' views on abortion.

Byrne: Democrats’ infringement on freedom of religion ‘truly radical and deeply troubling’  Yellowhammer News

"Unfortunately, the modern Democratic Party has decided that mandating its beliefs on everyone is more important than upholding the rights of people of...

After Boomer Religion  Commonweal

On Holy Saturday, the New York Times published columnist Nicholas Kristof's Easter interview with theologian Serene Jones, the president of New York's famed ...

Colorado Springs area religious events starting May 26  Colorado Springs Gazette

Religion-themed events in and around Colorado Springs.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Challenges Religious Right On Specific Bible Passages  HuffPost

The freshman lawmaker from New York says if they want to follow the Bible, they can start by backing her bill.

Italy, Brazil's Consecrations to Mary Signal Religious Hunger From Citizens  Church Militant

by Juliana Freitag • • May 23, 2019 8 Comments. Catholic Left reacts with outrage to Salvini's Marian gesture. You are not signed in as a ...

The US government just officially recognized the Satanic Temple as a religion  Business Insider

There's a new religion in America. The Satanic Temple has earned the same tax-exempt status as a church by the IRS.

Religious and Spiritual Life | Davidson  Davidson News

At Davidson, we celebrate learning about and practicing faith in ways that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Our religious and spiritual life is as diverse and ...

Israel Folau's fight for religious freedom leaves behind ugly mess  The Guardian

The sacked Wallaby's test case will prompt a lot of soul-searching about how rugby arrived at this point.

Donal Lynch: 'How Ireland turned its back on religion, but kept Communion'

Streaks of fake tan on the bouncing castle. A pop-up charity shop overflowing with tulle, lace, chiffon and tiny jackets with rosettes. Princess packages and ...

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